Shakespeare’s Slave Opening Soon

Steven Fechter is a funny guy. Some of you may or may not know this, as perhaps you are more familiar with his other works, The Woodsman, The Commission, and my previous experience with him, The Golden Aurora. But, it’s true and the proof is Shakespeare’s Slave.

Resonance Ensemble commissioned a companion piece to their upcoming innovative production of H4, a modern re-telling of Henry IV parts 1 and 2. Steven rose to the challenge of matching Will, and Shakespeare’s Slave is the fruit of that labor. Slave is a dark comedic look at Elizabethan England and a successful, self-deprecating writer who has lost his muse…and all of his money. How will he overcome this hump, and go on to write his best plays?

I am proud to tread the boards with this wonderful ensemble and hope to see you there as I take on the role of the Great Bard himself, William Shakespeare.

Tickets & Info Here