News | 10.07.08

Happy to say that I was recently in a reading of Anna Ziegler‘s new play (in development) The Minotaur, with an all-star cast and Rebecca Taichman directing. Anna’s work is so fresh and intelligent that I can’t wait to see how this play continues to grow.

Between, the film I shot with Scott Simmons and Freemaniac Productions, has come together and will be making the rounds at the festivals this year. There are few short clips in my reel that I am currently putting together. When that’s done I’ll post it here.

October is Theater-Month in New York apparently. So many good shows, so little time. Recently caught a preview performance of Danny Hoch’s TAKING OVER (directed by Tony Taccone), which will be at the Public Theater this fall. Danny is amazing, and this show was no exception. He tore into the complicated issues of gentrification, community, what it means to have your home taken from you and what we all want “home” to look like. A hot-button issue in these parts, and one that has brought him back to the NY-stage after 10 years away! Check it out.

Lots of great shows coming this winter as well, and I’m working hard to get in some of them. Keep you posted.