New Dramatists Workshop

Recently I was honored to participate in this workshop at New Dramatists, with some amazing artists. We spent an intensive week, on our feet, wrestling with Karma, hungry ghosts and attachments.

Restless Souls and Haunted Spirits
by Chiori Miyagawa
directed by Sarah Cameron Sunde
dramaturg: Emily Morse

Performed by: Godfrey Simmons, David L. Townsend, Maria Oliveras, Monique Vukovic, April Matthis and Jake Manabat with Elizabeth Brown – Shakuhachi (Japanese Bamboo Flute) player

In Restless Souls and Haunted Spirits, a war is fought on a shore, a crazy woman looks for her kidnapped son at a bus station, a father and son have a fall out which results in the son becoming blind and homeless, parents conspire to break up their daughter’s relationship by drowning her lover, a poor old man falls in love with a wealthy young girl and commits suicide; and life goes on, people bumping into one another before and after death and somewhere in between. It is a comic-tragedy based on ancient human attachments, set in the present time somewhere like the USA, narrated by a woman with tragic hair.