Hamlet (DC) Slideshow

I am currently playing in my second (consecutive) production of Hamlet, at the Pearl Theatre in NYC.

These photos are from the previous production,
at the Shakespeare Theatre in DC. All Photos by Carol Rosegg.

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by William Shakespeare
May – July 2007

Directed by Michael Kahn

Jeffrey Carlson (Hamlet)
Robert Cuccioli (Claudius)
Janet Zarish (Gertrude)
Robert Jason Jackson (Polonius)
Ted Van Gruythiesen (Ghost, Player, Gravedigger)
Pedro Pascal (Horatio)
Kenajuan Bentley (Laertes)
Michelle Williams (Ophelia)
David L. Townsend (Rosencrantz)
J. Clint Allen (Guildenstern)
Craig Wallace (Marcellus)
William Largess (Osric)
James Denvil (Voltemand, Priest, Player King)
Maria Kelly (Player Queen)
Kenneth Lee (Fortinbras)
and many more…