Hamlet at the Pearl | Photos

Here are some photos from my current production…
All photos are by Carol Rosegg.

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by William Shakespeare
Sept – Oct 2007

Directed by Shepard Sobel

Sean McNall (Hamlet)
TJ Edwards (Claudius)
Robin Leslie Brown (Gertrude)
Robert Hock (Ghost, Player, Gravedigger)
Dominic Cuskern (Polonius)
Bradford Cover (Horatio)
Jolly Abraham (Ophelia)
David L. Townsend (Laertes)
Jimmy Davis (Player, Osric)
Kenneth Lee (Guildenstern)
Eduardo Placer (Rosencrantz)
David Sedgwick (Voltemand)
Regi Huc (Fortinbras, Player)
Christopher Thornton (Marcellus, et al)
R.J. Foster (Bernardo, et al)